Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Before & After

First, I have to admit this is not the first time I've cut Paul's hair, but it has been years. I remember the first time I thought it would be so easy, I mean my mom was a stylist for 30 years, I practically grew up at the salon, I saw her do it 100 times, I got this!  Ohhhhh, how wrong I was!  My first attempt took about 45 minutes...maybe an hour. I was a wreck as soon as I realized I had no idea how to CUT hair, sure I could use the clippers and do a buzz cut (a really short buzz cut), but the scissors are a whole other thing. It's so easy to take off too much. I only made 2 more attempts after that and decided that was it.

Well that was over 6 years ago and for some reason he wanted me to try it again (brave man). He must really hate going to the barbers. I've decided the reason I get so nervous is because Paul works in a professional setting, he wears a dress shirt and tie everyday, he does not need to show up like a 5 year old took a pair of scissors to head, and I really don't think a buzzed head would be the right look for him.

Alright, enough with the drama. Yesterday's haircut actually turned out pretty good. Up close it's easy to see there is room for improvement, but I like to think my mom was there guiding me through and calming my nerves. I think she would of been proud.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday...and little ways to grow!

I thought this would be perfect to share on a Monday, since you know Monday is the day all new habits begin. Haha!

Hopefully I will be getting my computer fixed today. If not, I'll have to decide whether to return it or not. I'm not really sure what to do because the issue I'm having is not a computer issue it has more to do with Windows 10. Sometimes I really do hate technology. Why does it have to be so complicated?

I will also be attempting to cut Paul's hair today. Ya, I'm a little freaked out about that, but hey I watched a YouTube video, what can go wrong? Ha!

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Garden Update

I love spending time wandering the garden a few minutes each day, just picking up leaves, watering a few plants by hand, and checking to see how well (or poorly) some are doing. I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit so that I can get a greater variety of vegetables growing. Here's what we have so far.

This is the largest patch of celery (there are several at different stages) in a partially shaded area. They seem do be doing better than the others at this point, but I'm hoping the smaller celery take off soon. Last year I did not have much success, but I only planted two plants. I think my odds are pretty good with at least 14 celeries planted this time around.

This is a blueberry bush that was purchased last season, and while I did get a few berries from it I am hoping to have so many this year that I will have to freeze some. Perfect for smoothies!! There is a second blueberry bush of a different variety but it hasn't produced as many blossoms yet.

I have many tomato plants popping up all over the garden, and this one is the healthiest looking so I decided to transplant into its own pot. I have no idea what type of tomato this is since it most likely popped up because of my worm compost. Last year I planted at least 6 varieties of tomatoes, so we'll see!

This is the pot I transplanted it to. The pot is not very large, but there are many holes in the bottom and I placed it in my raised bed so that the roots will find their way out of the bucket if need be.

Sugar Snap Peas! I hope this goes well. I'm using a tomato cage as a trellis, but I'm not sure it will be enough for the plant to grab on to. So far so good! I love picking them when they are pretty young. The pups love them for a healthy treat too!

One of the first strawberries this year. Tastes ok, but I know they will get better. I just hope I get to them before the worms and the birds.

I've said before that I tend to plant things too close together, and here is a perfect example. I don't plan on moving them, but I might change my mind.  If I do it will be the Ornamental Kale that gets transplanted. They usually pop back quickly, Cilantro can be pretty delicate. Notice the scattered Radishes?  :) I don't like to waste space.

The quality of the next two photos is somewhat lacking, but these are what I'm most excited about. Carrots!!  My husband's most detested vegetable, but I love them! Haha! The batch above are your standard run-of-the-mill orange carrots. Obviously started from seed, and I am hopeful they will be a success. I made sure to loosen the soil as much as possible and I even thinned them out, which I always forget about, and then wonder why the carrots don't grow.

The batch of carrots here are called Atomic Red...I can't wait! Don't you just love my plant marker? Thanks Sweetie!

Red Romaine. Yep, lettuce. Not very exciting, but it's looking good. It's nice to be able to add a bit of color to a salad or to a sandwich.

I have a feeling I will be dealing with this all year long. Mint!!! The smell is wonderful, the flavor pleasant, but this plant will take over everything if I let it. I know I should rip the little guy out, but maybe another day, it just looks so cute!

This area has quite a lot of planting space still available, but I think I will grow straight (regular) cucumbers on one side, and lemon cucumber on the other. I'm still thinking on that. We had a drip system installed recently so hopefully that will prevent the leaves from getting mildew.

While I love my garden, and spending time in it each day, it can also be frustrating, because gardening requires patience, which I have very little of.  But like with everything thing else, I'm working on that. :)


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Time, and Egg Salad...

Time just seems to pass too quickly these days. I waited to get this blog started until I was ready to post on a regular basis, I'm obviously not keeping up very well. I've also been having issues with my computer, and while it is not unusable, using it can be pretty frustrating.

Tomorrow is a new day...

Until then let me share the only thing I've taken a picture of this week. Yesterday's Egg Salad Sandwich! Haha! Made with fresh herbs, greens, and a radish, all straight from the garden.